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Prefab Construction Site Buildingsprefabricated buildings

Safety and durability in custom designed structure

prefab modular buildings In prefabricated construction site building, we offer solutions with energetic working and relaxation spaces, maximum safety under Karmod quality. Manufactured within a short time by using seamless threaded system technology in our modern facilities, we deliver and install prefabricated construction site buildings as ready-to-use in any place in the world. Our prefabricated construction site models and plans are prepared under the supervision of our experienced staff.prefabricated construction

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New Generation of Steel Homes

Shaping steel to create solutions that last

steel homes In all our steel house models, that are prepared under the supervision of experienced architects and engineers, we offer aesthetic design and functional usage. Our steel houses are safe and comfortable solutions with long-life and affordable prices. You can touch the quality of Karmod in both exterior and interior designs. You have flexibility in choosing external and internal coverings from wood, composite covering, glass façade, siding…etc. Steel houses are earthquake-resistant and environment-friendly. They can come as one floor or two floor villa with different design and plan options.

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Prefabricated Ready Houses

A new living experience

prefabricated houses Karmod designs and builds aesthetic ready houses in wide range of plans keeping in mind the promise of high quality. Weather your need was to a simple affordable residence solution or a very luxurious one, we can offer you wide range of products that can meet your particular need. Karmod produces ready houses in compliance to the highest quality standards and takes care of all details. Karmod also offer the flexibility of customizing the house plan and design according to customer’s expectations.

Office and Construction Containers

Space management is our specialty

construction containers Karmod offers extensive range of construction site containers that are manufactured as standard and jointed demountable systems. Standard containers are manufactured as 3 x 7m and 2.4 x 6m for easy transportation. As for demountable containers 8 units can fit in one shipping container which results in great transportation costs savings. Whether your need was for a multi-storey office container building or a single accommodation unit with toilet and kitchen, we can serve your need with flexibility of choosing the most appropriate plan and design.

Completed Projects

Completed Prefabricated Houses
Making production beginning from 1986, Karmod has successfully completed many number of prefabricated house project. You can see Karmod's prefabricated houses in any city of our country from Edirne to Ardahan, Sinop read more

Completed Prefabricated Homes
Carrying out manufacturing with seamless threaded system prefabricated manufacturing technology, Karmod aims superior quality and absolute customer satisfaction. We feel proud of projects completed with absolute    read more

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Cabin Technology

  • We always make difference Karmod is a world leader in producing polyester cabins thanks to the one of a kind top-notch manufacturing technology it adopts in its modern production facilities. Karmod cabins cover extensive range of diversified products that meet different customers’ needs such as security cabins, living cabins, kiosk cabins, tickets sales cabins and many other usages. Standard cabins are produced in bulk and are available in stock for immediate delivery in sizes from 150 x 150 cm to 270 x 270 cm.
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  • Modern Cabins

    Enjoy attractive designs small cabin Metropolitan cabins are cabin models manufactured taking into account modern urban architecture texture. With its aesthetic and modern view and functional usage, Karmod metropolitan cabins improve the quality of place where it placed. The main body metal frame of metropolitan cabin can be made in compliance with tasonit covering, wood covering, composite covering, glass facade covering.

Prefab Floor Plans and Models
Prefab Floor Plans and Models

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